The ever-evolving habitat

The ever-evolving habitat

At HOMI, two imposing installations, which tell the story of an ever-changing habitat, dedicated to sustainability, respect for the environment in all its forms and the city of Milan and its centrality in the international scene. Adolfo Carrara, who designed them for HOMI January, tells us about them.

HOMI, the trade fair event dedicated to contemporary living spaces and new living scenarios, scheduled to take place at fieramilano (Rho) from 26 to 29 January 2023, brings new stimuli and suggestions with each edition.   


Among the novelties of this edition are two special installations, A VISTA D'UOMO and  SKYLINE, which are integrated into the exhibition itinerary and offer objects and proposals in line with the exhibition vocation of HOMI.


"These are two imposing spaces, suspended three metres above the ground and ranging from 8 to 15 metres in height," explains Adolfo Carrara, author of the concept for HOMI. "They have been realised with the cross-cutting coexistence of different worlds in mind – industry, craftsmanship, technology, design and decoration - and following the HOMI thread that unites Made in Italy, sustainability and creativity.


The aim of this innovative project is to highlight products dedicated to home furnishing and decoration.  And to place them in the context of Milan is a clear choice, linking HOMI's products and projects with the city's role as an economic, financial and design catalyst. The installations represent the centrality of Milan, in the past (the Duomo) as in the future (the Skyline). "


A VISTA D'UOMO, with the silhouette of Milan Cathedral, showcases household products - textile and non-textile - strictly in white. The idea is to stimulate the observer's reflection by eliminating all decorative elements, where form is the first step towards positioning the product on the market.


In contrast, with skyline, reminiscent of the contours of Milan's most modern skyscrapers, colour and geometry become the ideal stage for all types of home décor, from textiles to decorations and fragrances, immersing the visitor in an olfactory, tactile and visual experience. Each of the buildings represented has its own reference colour and hosts products that recall its relative hue. Each of the buildings represented has its own reference colour and hosts products that recall its relative hue.


"The idea," Carrara goes on to explain, "was to create two nerve centres within HOMI, two reference points that would also be a reminder of sustainability, a value that is by now a fundamental value for any type of production and company, from the largest to the smallest.


Both installations were realised using recycled and recovered materials provided by some Italian textile companies. More than 200,000 metres of textile selvedges and ribbons were used, which, thanks to the manual intervention of Italian craftsmen, upholsterers and fitters, gave shape to these imposing silhouettes that also represent the centrality of Milan, paying homage to a city in continuous progress. "