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Home textiles pass the pandemic test

Companies in a sector that specialise more in housing have benefited from a growing interest in housing care, triggered by repeated lock-downs.  A gradual return to normality facilitated by mass vaccinations on the horizon should enable the sector to recover.


Experts are positive about companies specialising in home fashion as it is likely that smart working will remain structural in many production sectors, although it will obviously be reduced to a few days a week. This new lifestyle that is expected to take hold is likely to give a boost to the household products sector.




From flax to hemp: the rediscovery of natural fibres

News by Il Sole24ORE
Textile companies, in order to meet growing demand from sustainability-conscious consumers, try to offer natural materials whose production is environmentally friendly. The trend could characterise future collections and could lead to a close association between the textile and agricultural sectors.

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Focus on companies

Next Generation: textile designers

Natural fibres, colour, fantasy and an open view of the world

News by HOMI

Textile designers talk about themselves at HOMI. From Italy, Lara Marchi focuses on natural fibres, colour and clean, monochrome lines; Vanessa Barragão from Portugal is inspired by the ocean and the charm of coral reefs; and from France, Coralie Prévert proposes a contemporary and colourful graphic universe

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