Experience the magical atmosphere of Christmas with HOMI

Experience the magical atmosphere of Christmas with HOMI

Colours, forms and materials may come and go as fashions and even the mood of the moment change, but the magic remains unchanged.

The festive season is all about deep-rooted family traditions and there is a feeling of eager anticipation as it returns each year. But while new colours, forms and materials may appear to suit changing fashions and moods, it is important to keep the magic alive so we are reassured that some things never change.


Yes, Christmas comes but once a year and when it does it brings… not just good cheer, but a dazzling array of colourful lights, decorations and the joyful exchange of gifts. 


Timstor Nv is sticking to tradition, with much use of red for the familiar figure Santa and his sleigh pulled by reindeer, along with cherubs and a whole host of other decorative articles to put on display.


Mascagni uses the phrase “atmospheres to experience” in reference to its living&dining items. Its photo holders – a popular gift choice – frame memories of happy times, as all those smiling faces bring pleasure by stirring the emotions. And it is the attention to detail, to themes, finishes, colours and materials (silver, resin, glass, wood) is what makes these exclusive items so unique. The collection also includes other gift items and accessories for the home: everything from clocks, magazine racks, umbrella stands and albums to piggy banks, jewel cases and key rings.


Stile Nordico is a family-run Italian company that has been selling articles and decorations for the home for years. It started out as a wholesaler in 2011, but for the last few years has operated in the sector by displaying its products at fairs like Homi, for retail clients. Its collection of Christmas trimmings and accessories, in all the very latest colours and decorative styles, is the result of ongoing creative work to find the best and most refined combinations of colours.


The festive season is a time to give free rein to creativity, to pick up on new trends and to cater to the stylistic requirements of locations of different sizes. In homes where space is limited, branches (or even house plants) can be decorated as an alternative to the Christmas tree, with the addition of other hand-crafted items and a sprinkling of fake snow. Lovers of vintage styles can pick up objects at antiques markets or in shops that specialise in shabby chic.


For 2020 expect plenty of whites and bright pinks, inspired by those candy canes children love so much. But many will also be focusing on sustainability, forsaking the glitz and glitter to concentrate on the true meaning of Christmas, reflecting on our future and on the environment.


The way a home is decorated for the festive season is a reflection of those who live there – and no two sets of decorations will ever be exactly the same. That is especially true when the trimmings are hand made and fabrics are hand decorated, which might mean soft, coloured felts or even starfish and shells worked into the Christmas wreath or hung on pine branches… And for a truly original, fun and offbeat place setting, why not choose something from the colourful, joyful world of Miss Étoile?