Staying well at home

Staying well at home

Home comfort, familiarity, well-being are now more than ever the primary objectives for contemporary living. Being at home means intimacy, relaxation, rest, solace at the end of the day. A set of needs that will be increasingly in demand in the future and that are gathered under the banner of Homefulness, the trend that makes the feeling of relief and well-being when crossing the threshold of the home the must for 2022.


If it is true that healthy living begins with the environment in which one lives, in a home where the rooms are tidy, calm and relaxing, arranged with thoughtful simplicity, the feeling of well-being and comfort reaches its highest peaks.


Here are some suggestions of products and objects that you can see and touch at HOMI, from 11 to 14 March 2022. All in the name of tranquillity, comfort, familiarity, care and homefulness in the most comfortable and comforting sense of the word.



Let's start with order and simplicity


The tidy and organised environment immediately conveys tranquillity, relaxation, welcome and cleanliness.


Cozy Living's range of home textiles, small functional pieces of furniture, decorative decorations, lamps and candles is an invitation to pamper yourself: affordable luxury that adds personality and character to any space. The new SS22 collection is inspired by the elements of nature and summer memories. The colour palette is inspired by the natural colours of the earth, the sand on the beach and the forest.


Euphoric's proposals range from tables, consoles and bookcases to furnishing accessories made from quality materials in the name of eco-sustainability, unique because they are handcrafted and attentive to trends. Furniture animated by the stories of people encountered around the world, contaminations that give rise to a state of "euphoria" that manifests itself in the collections.


English brand Parlane surprises with new decorative themes and home accessories. Gift and household items, furniture, decorative and functional accessories, realistic faux flowers and Christmas decorations. The brand is characterised by the use of natural materials crafted by skilled artisans.


The portable Poldina lamp, one of the best sellers at Zafferano, is proposed in a special edition, personalised with the characters created by Charles Schulz to celebrate its first 20 years.



Healthy living, good food and... a lot of beauty


The home is par excellence the place to relax and unwind: nothing better than surrounding yourself with objects, utensils, accessories that give the maximum in terms of functionality and harmony of form.


Bluside Emotional Design accessories are dedicated to the world of dining and living. Vases, decanters, fragrances, aromatic water extractors and much more, made of glass and borosilicate glass reinterpreted with unique and original shapes.


The Positano Collection by Casafina by Costa Nova is stoneware for the table, handcrafted by Portuguese artisans. It is characterised by bright and cheerful colours ranging from deep red to vivid green, toasted yellow, warm white and navy blue. 


Marcato 's products are aimed at haute cuisine: moulds available in 4 different shapes: round, smooth round, square and flower, the Otello pasta machine in limited edition 2022 that recalls the design of the first pasta machine made in the 1940s by the company's founder, Otello Marcato, the new special Ravioli like a Pro package dedicated to the world of ravioli and international recipes, the Gnocchi like a Pro set to enter the world of gnocchi, comfort food par excellence, through recipes that can be easily replicated by everyone. 


The name TooA, inspired by the Italian word "tua", tells a story made of tradition and technology at the same time. A short name that tells of the simple pleasure of eating ice cream at home, where the capital T and A highlight the two cornerstones of the brand: Technology and Craftsmanship. “TooA's dream is to revolutionise the idea of Ice Cream: an intense, authentic and immersive experience, in your own home”. The preparations never need refrigeration and are contained in special cartons.


Mopita presents itself at HOMI with the Ad hoc and Funny Thermoslines. The first is an encounter between tradition and innovation, between the archetypal shapes of the pans and the refinement of lines and proportions. A collection that speaks of attention to detail and choice of finishes and surfaces. Thick die-cast aluminium, non-stick Eclipse HB coating by Whitford. The Funny Thermos line is designed for school, work, an outing, walks or picnics. The cap hermetically seals the bottle preventing the leakage of liquids.



Fabrics and natural materials


Essential for creating relaxing environments in the home, they help to create a more welcoming environment in which it is pleasant to be. Hoff-Interieur 's handicrafts and decorative items for the home: collections produced in more than 300 craft workshops around the world, an offer characterised by a variety of fabrics and colours, inspiration and imagination of other cultures.


Silkow produces pillowcases, 100% pure silk, strictly white, to enhance the natural colouring of silk, a symbol of its purity and delicacy. This is because the silk pillowcase is an indispensable ally for the beauty and well-being of skin and hair, but also for better sleep and a feeling of comfort that lasts all night long.