Store evolution: Design, Innovation, Experience

Store evolution: Design, Innovation, Experience

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The scheduled events increasingly involve more of the large community centred around the trade fair

Alongside the exhibition, HOMI focuses heavily on training, which, through digital integration, has gained an expanded audience by targeting younger generations of consumers and visitors. Save the date!


Digital Tools and Strategies: training talks for the specialist Retail channel


An event organised by ART — Arti Tavola Regalo in collaboration with EDI Confcommercio

Why it's important to sell online and build your e-commerce with Shopify

B2C e-commerce in Italy was, even before the lockdown, a driver of growth and innovation in retail. Although, the health crisis did contribute to the systemic spread of an evolved concept of commerce based on the collaboration and integration of online and offline. In 2021, online shopping worldwide is estimated to be worth around €3.9 trillion, up 18% from 2020. Even in Italy there is a new retail model emerging that combines the strong suits of online, convenience and speed, with those of offline, such as relationships and the physical experience. In Italy, online shopping is due to be worth €39.4 billion in 2021, up 21% from 2020. This workshop aims to illustrate in practical terms what opportunities e-commerce presents for SMEs in retail, how to easily create an e-commerce using Shopify and how to set out a strategy to best integrate it with online and offline channels.

Speaker: Egidio Murru.


Ordine degli Architetti di Milano e Provincia: during the event two sessions centred on the project organised by the Province of Milan’s Association of Architects will take place in HOMI’s exhibition spaces.

The invited architects will present their interior design creations, reflecting on the theme of the home experience, illustrating their design choices and specific features personally.

These events will focus on two macro-themes: living spaces and commercial spaces, fluidity and domesticity in the Saturday morning session and materials: restoration and durability in the afternoon session.

The theme of space fluidity become hugely important during the pandemic, leading architects to reflect on it at a design level.  

The home-work combination has introduced a more public dimension to the domestic space, and vice versa, forcing the house to respond to needs that are not necessarily residential, shifting and transforming a long-established image. 

Meanwhile, the fact we spend much more time at home has extended a domestic nature to other places, first and foremost to retail and commercial spaces, areas of design that, with their adaptive nature and in response to trends, have incorporated features taken from the home environment.  

Repercussions of the climate crisis and global warming also resonate in construction, both forcing and encouraging designers to use innovative materials. There have actually been some interesting experiments on reusing existing materials, both traditional and waste, that, through skilful reinterpretation, have been able to introduce new styles, taking their durability into account.


Platform for HOMI’S NEW RETAIL EXPERIENCE. Consumer behaviour. From shopping to the emotional experience.

“Over the next five years, consumers will continue spending offline. However, as online spending continues to grow, retailers will need to combine digital and in-store experiences to maximise profit... Retailers with a solid digital offering will see their sales grow over the next five years. Although the pandemic accelerated digital uptake and online sales are growing, it is anticipated that in 2024, the majority of purchases will still be carried out offline (78% compared to 22% of online purchases)”, The Future of Retail by Pablo Pérez, Georgie Altman / September 2020

This data is the point of departure for the conference organised by the Platform Architecture and Design magazine, which will feature presentations by designers and professionals in Retail. Through their significant, innovative projects in Retail, they will present insights into all areas of the shopping experience and consumption value, from shopping to the emotional experience.

Framing these talks will be speaker Alessandro Lorenzelli, lecturer and Retail Marketing expert as well as business and strategy expert and founder of Deconstruct, an independent consultancy network and ideas agency for the market and customer strategy. He will lead introductory lectures along this theme for each of the three sessions.