Not just selling tout court, but services and aspirations

Not just selling tout court, but services and aspirations

At Homi Special Edition, a clear vision of the future in which the person has a central role.

In the last two years, we changed both as consumers and as persons, a substantial change that was already underway, but was accelerated by events. In retail there are priorities, choices and needs, with modalities and relevance that are now different than before, and that can bring answers with respect to customers’ lifestyle. In addition to intervening on the latter, it is a matter of revolutionizing the idea of selling and addressing consumption patterns. Retail is focusing on the centrality of the person with its needs and aspirations.


Among the topics discussed during the meetings held at Homi, the talks on Platform Architecture and Design coordinated by Alessandro Lorenzelli were focused precisely on the retail experience, thanks to the voice of designers who presented their idea of future, sharing projects, innovations, thoughts and suggestions with the audience. An example is Ilaria Marelli with her hybridization projects between the digital and physical world, which are conceived for a successful costumer experience where the online channel may represent just a showcase for the products. What’s important is understanding our own identity, in order to express uniqueness and differentiate ourselves from competitors, together with the ability to communicate our own peculiarities.


A Homi Special Edition centered on product customization and the search for an exclusive and branded project, with spaces that are increasingly fluid and adaptable to needs.


Among the stands at the exhibition, it was possible to observe natural and sober colours, of natural inspiration, as if they came directly from the earth, as for the collections designed by Raffaello Galiotto for Blimplus, the skilful use of paper in the Seta District collection by Susa Factory, the desk accessories by Toscana Carte Pregiate, the original Origamo, handmade and attentive to solidarity, or even the variety of products created by PPD Paperproductsdesign and Ecosistema with paper made out of grass blades. The focus on sustainability is more explicit than ever, with interesting uses of recycled materials and great commitment to solidarity, without losing sight of smart ideas such as AiT Smart Products based on a project by Maurizio Orrico.


This growing interest is proved by the first edition of the Ki-Life Sustainable Award 2022 promoted by Kiki Lab, which achieved excellent results “both for the number of applications collected and for the quality of the projects, that came mainly from Italy but also from other countries such as Spain, Germany and Finland”, as underlined by Fabrizio Valente, Founder and Administrator of Kiki Lab, who awarded the winners.


In particular, the winner of the Environmental category was Jute & Co with project Oceania, ecological carpets worked with hand looms, fully made of recycled PET and with great efficiency, also from a sensorial point of view. Mentions were awarded to the face line Zero Waste by Saponaria, produced with very little water, a reduced amount of energy and 100% green; to the Eco-hangers RePROJECT by Naturanda, made with 75% recycled paper and with the remaining 25% of certified virgin paper. And also to TooA, a single-service ice cream machine that uses a closed-loop water cooling system, with no environmentally harmful gases, and able to consume energy only when in operation.


The winner of the Territory category was Elena Scarlata with the eco-sustainable travel set in hand-printed cotton with vegetable colours and 100% biodegradable. Mentions to the project Dolce vita by Easy Life, to Terra by Moquetas Rols, based on carpets with recycled plastic yarns, and to the Linea small cups in ceramics by Zafferano, which relaunched a traditional production site of a historic district in the area of Viterbo.


Winner of the Social category was the project Microbiscottificio by the cooperative Frolla, which involves socially disadvantaged people. Mentions to Fragranze Belforte by Amici di Gigi, cooperative society – Belforte, and to Ilsa –Le Coq for the project Animae.


The winner of the all-round Sustainability category was the Eco Gres project by Grestel – Costa Nova, which created a new, completely eco-friendly raw material made from non-hazardous recycled materials derived from surplus ceramics. Mentions to Plantui Smart Garden, a hydroponic garden for the house; Tek's wooden hair brushes, B Corp certified, 100% FSC and VeganOk; and VAIA Focus, a project created to make use of those trees felled by the homonymous storm.